Our workshops utilise a participatory approach with interactive training techniques including brainstorming, discussion and group exercises. The sessions include theoretical presentations on a list of areas, in addition to hands-on exercises. This format will help the participants apply their acquired knowledge during the workshop and take back to their organisations practical ways of how they can improve their current performance.


The workshops are done in groups of 10-15 organisations at once. Both third sector and social enterprises are welcome to attend.


GOOD GOVERNANCE: Elaborating on the legal framework for TSOs in Lebanon and the basic criteria for effective organisational governance.

PLANNING:   How organisations can set a clear and defined purpose for their work and make plans on how to realistically achieve it.

FUNDRAISING & DIVERSIFICATION OF INCOME:  Exploring creative and sustainable ways of raising funds for the organisation through the diversification of income streams.

HUMAN RESOURCES:   How to create and support a motivated a team, while leading its members in achieving the organisation’s aims.

MONITORING & EVALUATION:  How to measure the effectiveness and results of the organisation’s work.

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